Link Love: This Old House


Whether adorned or mundane, our built environment says so much about the personality of a place. Here are four ways to get up close to homes around the world.


  1. Windows of New York –  José Guizar’s illustrations convey so much about New York’s diverse architecture and residents in this ode to looking up.
  2. Doors of the World –  Portuguese photographer André Vicente Gonçalves documented thousands of doors across the globe. These tapestries of details hint at the cultural richness of each country.
  3. Colorful Bolivian Homes – The whimsical buildings of architect Freddy Mamani Silvestre are influenced by the bright, circular motifs of his indigenous Aymara heritage.
  4. The Tale of the Chicago Two-Flat – Find out why this modest, distinctly Chicago building signaled social mobility for generations of inhabitants.

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