Thursday Turntable: Everybody Loves The Sunshine


How often is the spring in your step credited to a 75-year-old vibraphone virtuoso? If I’m walking on sunshine today, it’s because I’m still reveling in Roy Ayers‘ radient performance at the Promontory in Hyde Park last night.

2016-02-25-roy-ayers-02 2016-02-25-roy-ayers-03
Credit: Roy Ayers Project, BamaLoveSoul

Ayers is a jazz, funk, and soul legend who has collaborated with literally everyone, from Fela Kuti to Tyler the Creator and Herbie Hancock to Rick James. Even if  you don’t know Roy by name you’ll recognize his work, which has been sampled in hip hop more than any other artist.

Credit: Steve Raybine

Last night’s performance was smooth as hell, with enough funk to get the room grooving from the front to all the way behind the bar. The energy and joy that Roy brought in his two sold out Promontory shows warmed up a crowd who traveled through a winter storm to vibe with him. The set covered a sampling of Roy’s extensive catalogue, but everyone was on their feet for”Everybody Loves The Sunshine.” I was glad to hear “Chicago” in the mix as well.

Listen below, and let Roy light up your day!

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