Nevermind the Gap


Along with the bells of St. Paul’s and the rush of the Tube, the famous rail warning “Mind the Gap” is essential to London’s urban soundtrack. However, a new passenger train being developed in the U.S. aims to automate this step.

Brightline, an express train service connecting Florida cities, has announced it will debut the first trains in the United States with retractable gap fillers. Brightline worked with Siemens and Bode to integrate a custom gap filler into the train car door system. Their goal is to increase the safety and convenience of boarding and disembarking trains.

The custom gap filler will extend up to 12″ from the train and meet the train station platform prior to the doors opening. This creates a flush surface for crossing and increases convenience for passengers in wheelchairs or carting strollers or luggage.

Source: Forbes

“In order to make boarding our trains fast and easy for all our guests, we are using the latest technology available and have customized it to create a smart solution unique to our trains and stations,” said Gene Skoropowski, Brightline’s Senior VP of Railroad Operations. “In building our trains, we are innovating to make train travel easier and more comfortable for all of our guests.”

The first such passenger coach shell was recently completed and is expected to launch later this year. Check out the demo below.

Brightline doesn’t have plans to expand outside of Florida at this time. If they do in the future would you miss minding the gap?

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