Link Love: New York City

New York City Links

I’m in an Empire State of mind after spending last week in NYC. Whether you’re a visitor or a tried-and-true New Yorker, here are some links I like.2015-11-23-link-love-nyc

  1. Listen to The Bowery Boys – This history podcast covers all manner of NYC stories, from the hidden to the iconic. Explore the evolution of the Yellow Cab (debuted in Chicago!) or a groundbreaking female journalist’s undercover work in an insane asylum.
  2. View Before & After – NYC Grid juxtaposes vintage street photography with contemporary shots of the same spaces in New York. Viewing such images side by side tells an interesting story of this ever-changing city.
  3. Watch The Lost Tribes of New York City – A pair of urban anthropologists merged stop-motion animation of street objects and interviews they conducted with a spectrum of New York residents and tourists. The result is a compelling folk conversation.
  4. View this NYC tip guide – These hilarious tips for surviving NYC are funny because they’re true. The glasses scam is real!

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