Link Love: Bewitched

Sharing bewitching links.

Fall has nestled in and the haunting season is upon us. Here are a few things that have lately bewitched me.


  1. Listen to Lore – This podcast explores the real life facts behind the world’s scary stories. I savor the great dose of historical context with enough spookiness to creep you out on a nighttime solo road trip.
  2. View this fall foliage map – Plan your autumn trips for peak foliage conditions and learn the scientific causes of changing leaf colors.
  3. Watch The Quay Brothers in 35mm trailer – I recently visited the Music Box Theatre without knowing what I’d see. Leave it to Christopher Nolan to curate challenging and intriguing experimental film mind-benders. It’s easy to see how these twin filmmakers have inspired Nolan, and I particularly enjoyed his short documentary exploring the creative process behind their eerie worlds.
  4. Read The Witches of Salem – The New Yorker examines the motivations behind Salem’s diabolical doings in this long read.

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