Favorite Posts of 2014

Reflecting on a wonderful 2014, I wanted to share a few of my favorite projects from the past year.

Auditorium Theatre Celebrates 125 Years With Anniversary Gala And Programming
After 125 years, one of Chicago’s original luminaries shines brightly as ever (with exposed light bulbs). It was a delight to learn about the Auditorium’s culturally egalitarian vision and distinctly modern design and celebrate its many lives.

I had always dreamed of visiting my father’s homeland. When I resolved to travel to Croatia on my own and seek out relatives, I was surprised to find that my family wasn’t so far away at all.

Interview: The War On Drugs’ Adam Granduciel, On Being Lost in the Dream
One of the most gracious artists I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with, Adam Granduciel reflected on the journey of creating his most recent album. I enjoyed peeling back the layers of a work that conveys personal transitions in a familiar Americana format.

Caillebotte Uncovered: Art Institute Restoration Reveals Hidden Details
The combination of artistic masterpiece and scientific sleuthing drew me to this Art Institute lecture, which I attended alone. I was happily shocked to find that this article recapping the lecture resonated with over 30,000 visitors!

Interview: Common Talks About His New Album
Common introduced each track from his Chicago concept album Nobody’s Smiling at a River North listening party. It was an honor to discuss the album’s themes and featured local artists with the hip hop legend. I even shook his hand…twice.

Interview: Catching Up With Billy Corgan
I was intimidated to interview a music icon whose work had informed my formative years. Billy is something of a divisive personality, but I enjoyed a candid and introspective conversation with the Great Pumpkin. I’m expecting an invitation to co-host a tea series with him any time now.

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