Take Heart Chicago

Reflecting on Chicago love evokes the image of a giant heart seared above the city. In the depths of the coldest winter in decades, our affection for Chicago can become numb. The Chicago Air & Water Show and other warm weather hallmarks seem all too distant in the face of a subzero gale.



A Chicago tradition since 1959, the Air & Water show entices spectators with daring demonstrations of top civilian and military aircraft high above Lake Michigan’s cerulean surface. With nearly two million annual spectators, it’s the nation’s largest free admission air and water exhibition.¹



Many among us view Chicago’s skyline as the finest in the world, and enjoying aerial feats against this backdrop makes them all the more epic. The aircraft zip across the vast sky like lightning bolts seconds before their thundering is heard overhead. If you’re looking for them, shielding your eyes from the sun’s glare,  you’re already too late. Below, the lake chuckles against the side of your boat. Above, their trails of exhaust tag “we were here.”



We were there too, and we will be again. The glacial drifts many not melt until June. The winters may never be milder. Yet the ice will loosen its grip on the lake shore. When the Blue Angels return to the show this August, I’ll be floating on my back eager for them to dart by, still loving Chicago.



1. “History of the Chicago Air & Water Show.” City of Chicago.

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