Interview: Andrew Morgan And Nick Nummerdor Invite You To Go Vannin’

Photo of a documentary about van culture

Credit: Little Cabin Films

“You can’t do in a car what you can do in a van,” explains one subject in Vannin’ – A Documentary. In the 1970’s, custom vans were a vessel of rock ‘n’ roll and the open road lifestyle. The heavy rolling road warriors are making a comeback, but Chicago filmmakers Andrew Morgan and Nick Nummerdor were surprised to discover that van culture never actually died.

The film explores custom vans and their hardcore enthusiasts, with a full-length sneak preview screening at the Patio Theater (6008 W. Irving Park Rd.) this Saturday at 6:30 p.m. with a discussion to follow. Vannin’ rolls inside the 40th National Truck-In, an annual private event that celebrates vanning, and uncovers the dedicated group who has kept van culture revving for over four decades. The film is set to a heavy hitting soundtrack that includes Chicago’s Heavy Times. Chicagoist spoke with the filmmakers about the staying power of van culture and how Vannin’ is like punk rock.

Read the full interview on Chicagoist.

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