Interview: Flume On His Upcoming U.S. Tour

Electronic music artists are having quite a moment, and thankfully few more than Flume. In a time of repackaged old trends and hybrid genres, 21-year-old Harley Streten is a rare example of an artist bending boundaries to create novel sounds. Flume’s infectious self-titled LP took his bass-heavy melodies to a number one debut on the Australian charts in 2012 and a sold out U.S. tour last spring. Featuring atmospheric layering, chopped up vocals, and influences that range from dream pop, hip hop, and trance Flume has managed mass appeal while staying true to his sense of experimentation. Streten recently chatted with Chicagoist over a cup of coffee from his home in Australia in support of his upcoming U.S. tour, which stops at Metro on Sept. 4.

Read the full interview on Chicagoist.

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