Chicago Architectural Illustration Featured In The Happiness Machine


We never tire of admiring Chicago’s stunning skyline, but just how closely are you looking? British artist Mark Lascelles Thornton highlighted Chicago’s architecture in incredible detail as part of his drawing project,
The Happiness Machine.”

Lacelles Thornton uses a rotring pen and white paper to bring the intricacy of architectural scenes to life, from fire escape stairs to swirling clouds above the Hancock. His meticulous work is even more impressive given the massive 8 x 5 foot scale of the drawing.

Chicago is one of eight cities “The Happiness Machine” will eventually feature as a commentary on society and consumerism. Each piece is drawn in greyscale and red to recall colors found on stock market graphs as well as anatomical illustrations. Thus far, New York, London, Hong Kong, and Shanghai skyscrapers have also been featured. Watch Lacelles Thornton at work below.


This article originally appeared on Chicagoist.

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