Interview with Mimi Parker of Low


Low takes the stage tonight at Metro at 9 p.m.

Most marriages — not to mention musical collaborations — can be counted in years, not decades. Yet the husband-and-wife musical duo of Mimi Parker and Alan Sparhawk, two-thirds of Low, have been collaborating in life and art together for over two decades. The Duluth-based band celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year with the release of its tenth album, The Invisible Way. While their lingering minimalist arrangements have continually strapped Low with the “slowcore” label, the trio’s continued success is built upon their strikingly heartfelt vocal harmonies, slow tempos, and quietly burning instrumentation.

At home in Minnesota, Parker took time to speak with Chicago INNERVIEW about recording with Jeff Tweedy, performing in cathedrals, and what she’s learned after 20 years in Low.

Read the full interview at Chicago Innerview.

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