Live Review: Snowden at Subterranean 2/24


“You’re not going to hear ‘Anti-Anti,” taunted Snowden’s Jordan Jeffares. “We aren’t going to play that pop shit,” he lied before launching into the band’s lead single off their 2006 debut album of the same name. Indeed, Snowden’s cynical pop nods have given the band an edge over other brooding post-punk holdouts — despite a 7-year gap between Anti-Anti and new LP No One In Control (due out May 14). The crowd at Subterranean was just as eager to hear some new material and the band delivered with new singles like the punchy “The Beat Comes” and familiarly moody “Keep Quiet.” But after a long 7-year buildup, it was no use trying to keep this crowd quiet.

Reviewed for Chicago Innerview.

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