5 reasons to pony up at nyc’s pony bar

On a quiet stretch of 10th Ave. The Pony Bar is packed with an impressive list of craft beers, friendly locals [transplants, rather], barrel tables, and a casual attitude. At once, I feel in my element, realizing it’s all much more Midwest than Manhattan. It’s so Chicago, and that’s a very good thing.

Still need a reason to head to Hell’s Kitchen?

  • Every Beer is $5: Most beers are served in 14 oz.
  • ‘Merican: Each craft beer on the extensive list was born in the USA
  • One Keg Kicks: The aforementioned offering is always rotating
  • 4am Closing: There’s no reason not to try all The Pony Bar’s suds
  • 4:20 Every day: Daily happy hour until 5:20 with $1 off craft beers

I hadn’t expected a cheap NYC craft beer haven from The Pony Bar, but you know the saying about gift horses and their mouths so I shut mine and started drinking.

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