Chicago Craft Beer Festival

“What do people do who don’t live in a place that celebrates craft beer on any given weekend?” I wondered this aloud entering the Chicago Craft Beer Festival but had no time to consider such a fate – there were too many beers to be tasted.

This weekend, the new Chicago Craft Beer Festival will offer brew enthusiasts two ways to sample the goods from over 50 breweries. Visitors can stroll the traditional street fest enjoying music, fest food, and beers for an admission fee of $5. The other option is to attend stand-alone beer tastings of limited or unique craft beers with tickets ranging from $35 – $50. All of the action is located on the grounds of the historic St. Michael’s parish in Old Town.


I don’t think I made it out of the beer tastings tent from my first drink ticket to last call. There’s a great range of styles and flavors represented, with new favorites to discover as well as surprising varieties from ale authorities. Let me know your favorites when you attend, because I don’t remember all of mine. Raise your glass to the city that know how to beat the heat with a cold one.

Chicago Craft Beer Festival
1633 N. Cleveland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

June 29: 5pm – 10pm
June 30: 11am – 10pm
July 1: 11am – 9pm

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