My Four Favorite Things: Ada Street

With its DMK pedigree and proximity to one of Chicago’s not-so-secret gemsAda Street has been one of the city’s most buzzed about new spots this spring. The tavern embraces elements that seem to be trending everywhere – think speakeasies, small plates, and post-industrial design – in a thoughtful and intimate manner that invites you in and beckons you back again.

Brick & Vinyl
Who doesn’t go weak in the knees for exposed brick? Ada Street emphatically accents its industrial setting. After entering through a series of doors and a candlelit, wood-lined lobby, you’ll follow the red brick down a lingering wine-cellar wall, its illuminated bottles casting an ambient glow. Before stepping into the bright barroom, stop at the vinyl library and select your mood music for the evening. Cheers to whoever chose Rumours on my visit.

Felonious Monk
Ever since my first gin fizz I’ve been beholden to egg whites. The Felonious features many monk-ish ingredients, including the Yellow Chartreuse and Benedictine lemon that produce the sweet and tangy taste and an abbey-style splash of ale. Even after mixologist Tim Lacey’s amicable departure, the cocktail menu tasted as legendary as the musical references its drink names honor ($10).

Duck Confit
For a saloon supposedly not all about food, Chef Zoe Schor’s menu makes foodie eats accessible. You don’t need to love duck (I do!) to be taken with Ada Street’s duck confit. Mixed with cheesy parmigiano pasta and topped with an oozing poached egg it tastes very haute cuisine meets comfort food ($10).

Brioche Donuts
No room to spare? Make some. The brioche donuts are like bite-size, sugar-sprinkled clouds. The spectacular port wine caramel dipping sauce – well I’d like to do unspeakable things with it ($10).

Ada Street
1664 N Ada St.
Chicago, Illinois 60642

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