On Exhibition: Five Artists to See at MCA Chicago

Chicago is fortunate to be home to one of the world’s largest contemporary art museums. Here are five exhibitions to check out right now at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

IAIN BAXTER&: Works 1958-2011 [through Jan. 15]
This exhibition spanning over fifty years of work highlights IAIN BAXTER&’s focus on the environment, the role and experience of art, and contemporary trends in a multi-media collection of photography, found objects, and even taxidermy. He legally added an ampersand to his name in 2005 to emphasize viewer engagement and connectivity in art.

Ron Terada: Being There [through Jan. 15]
In his first American solo exhibition, Ron Terada employs signage, graphic design, music, books, and photos to examine  identity, fame, and contemporary urban life.

Chicago Works: Scott Reeder [through Jan. 24]
MCA’s new local art focused series features Scott Reeder in his first solo exhibition. His deceptively simple style utilizes primary colors, wordplay, and spaghetti to challenge the perception of contemporary constructs.

MCA DNA: Dieter Roth [through Feb. 26]
Dieter Roth is best known for developing artists’ books, works of art created in book form and printed in small quantities. Roth donated a set of artists’ books to MCA after a successful exhibition in 1984 which he had helped design, including the suspension of the books on wire as seen in the current exhibition.

MCA Screen: David Harrt [through May 6]
In the filming of Stray Light, David Hartt was granted intimate access to the offices of Chicago-based Johnson Publishing Company. As the publisher of titles such as Jet and Ebony, Johnson Publishing has been an important presence in African American culture and the building’s 1971 interior was custom designed to reflect this status. The company’s move in 2010 and sale of the building has endowed Stray Light with the significance of cultural time capsule.

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