Feist at the Riviera Theater – 11/04/11

Leslie Feist’s resonant voice rang through the Riviera Theater last Friday night filling the already crowded historic venue. Feist sounded incredible, like her studio albums but more so. Her presence was both commanding and unassuming, performing the better part of her latest release, Metals, as well as grittier, jazzed up versions of earlier favorites like “My Moon My Man” and “Sealion.” Backing by a trio of vocalists known as Mountain Man rounded out the sound.

Although Mayor Emanuel enjoyed the show from a box, all attention was on Feist throughout the captivating show. “You’re making fun of my band, but they are trying to teach you how to dance,” she declared as band members began slow dancing. She invited audience members to join them on stage, closing out the four-song encore with “Let It Die” while couples swirled around her.

Enjoy an energetic rendition of “Feel It All” below.

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