Chicagoans Share Their Favorite Memories

What is your favorite memory?
Cherished childhood moments? First love? Incredible travels? The simple everyday moments that don’t stand out until they are gone?

This short film by social media agency Brand Nua asked 50 people in Chicago one question, “What is your favorite memory?” Their responses are as varied as those who share them, and each answer strike a chord. Director Galvea Kelly captures the poignant replies along with gorgeous downtown views.

“I think you just made my day,” one respondent exclaimed. “It’s just this flooding back of all these really great things.” So next time you’re dashing about downtown, stop and take in the sweeping views and the strangers who share your city – you could be creating your new favorite memory.

My favorite memory is summers spent camping with my family. Sunny afternoons fishing with my dad, cooking elaborate meals by campfire with my mom, running through the woods with my siblings and our imaginations, classic rock on the radio and nothing to distract us from just being together.
[via Refinery29]

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