Two Door Cinema Club – 04/07/11

I first saw Irish indie-pop trio Two Door Cinema Club last fall, hours after being sentenced to a full shoulder cast. While my dancing abilities were limited at the time, TDCC delivered an invigorating show which I wrote about for

Hailing from Northern Ireland, Two Door Cinema Club boasts a repertoire of catchy anthems that get stuck in your head, and it’s a good thing.  Raucous yet with restraint, these boisterous schoolboys know how to throw an indie-electro pop dance party.  “What You Know” is the first single off their debut Tourist History, released last spring.  It’s typical of their buoyant pop-meets-edgy alt style, “alteronica” as they describe it.
Read my full Two Door Cinema Club writeup here.

There was no cast to hold back my moves at Two Door Cinema Club’s Chicago show this week; however, I realized I was the only one on the floor not thrashing. Why? Well I had to keep a steady hand on my drink of course. A quick look around confirmed I was the only audience member of legal age in sight. There was not enough vodka in the room to make me feel as young as everyone looked.

Park West may be the more grown-up, classier cousin to the Vic or the Riv, but after a few of Two Door Cinema Club’s catchy riffs you can sure as hell bet I threw back my drink and threw myself into the dance mix with the high school kids. Crushing on the bassist did not help my cause.

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