Chicago International Movies & Music Festival

Do you like movies? Do you like music? Do you like movies about music?
The  Chicago International Movies & Music Festival returns for its third annual installment April 14-17.

Twenty countries are represented in the 2011 film selection and music is at their center, as well as in the concerts, discussions, and exhibitions included in the festival. Although Wicker Park is the home base for this year’s CIMMfest, events are located throughout the city. All events held at the Chicago Cultural Center are free, although donations to the city’s storied center are encouraged.

“We strive to shed light on the interconnectedness of all people, around the world, shown through the lens of music and moving image, both recorded and performed live,” states CIMMfest’s mission. The extensive range of festival events accomplishes just that, broadening horizons, bridging the seemingly disparate, revealing the various manifestations of music’s evolving and enduring power. Musical focus on film includes Ministry, Mott the Hoople, Jose Gonzalez, Fishbone, Sarah Brightman, The Replacements, Alice Donut, Le Tigre, and a cameo by Olivia Newton John.

Film and documentary topics span the Internet’s influence on the music industry (for better or worse), England’s earliest endeavors in house music, the power of music held by international refugees, South by Southwest’s cultural evolution, dubstep’s roots at the Roxy in the 1970’s, and much more. Do you have an opinion on the best music video ever made? One CIMMfest panel will attempt to settle the ongoing debate.

Among the ten live concerts on this years itinerary are a Punk Rock Night at the Double Door as well as a performance by Eyes Manouche at the Cultural Center. This Slavic girl will be checking out the “gypsy jazz” trio consisting of a Croat, Serb, and Bosnian – just another example of connective power of music.

A compete event program is available at CIMMfest’s website. No word yet on the response if you arrive requesting the screening of Never Say Never.

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