Diamond Rings, PS I Love You, and DAAN – 03/28/11

After falling for Diamond Rings last month as Robyn’s opener, I was thrilled to hear of his Chi-town return at one of my very favorite venues, The Empty Bottle. First, allow me to go on the record as saying that if you ever hear of an act playing The Empty Bottle in whom you have even the slightest interest, GO. The Bottle is known for hosting some of the best up-and-coming acts in an intimate setting, so catch them there before the next tour when you’ll shell out for a ticket with $20 more in fees and no PBR specials.

Opening first, were local queer-electro-funk-performance-band DAAN. As their profile states, “DAAN explores 21st century gender roles, queer theory, fly dancing, and mean beats with abrasive yet playful synths over ’80s pop drums.” Their scandalous onstage shenanigans affirmed, as one of their song titles states, “The Gays Are Gonna Get Ya.”
My concert accomplice also noted, “There was a lot of citrus involved.”

Next up were Canadian duo PS I Love You. Delivering all the best in garage-band grunge, theirs was a forceful performance.

Indie glam-pop prince Diamond Rings dazzled once again, charming the crowd with his deep baritone crooning and inspired dance moves. While his red leather jacket was channeling MJ, Diamond Rings dedicated his performance, as he did last time in Chicago, to Dennis Rodman. Enjoy some clips below!

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