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I knew there were some mobster hangouts in my neighborhood back in Prohibition days, but little did I guess that some notorious murders took place near my house in the 1980’s. Also, some Blues Brothers scenes were filmed nearby; I’ll be re-watching ASAP for a peek at my hood.

I have an incredible capacity for trivial tidbits, but I hadn’t encountered these points until playing with the new Chicago History Map by Domu. The Chicago apartment search website launched this interactive map earlier this week, presumably to highlight its map-based search approach to real estate.

About 500 Chicago locations of note are listed by category on a Google map. Interactive and colorful, the map is easy to use. There is a category to interest everybody, including Sports, Famous Residents, Notorious Crime Scenes, Oddities, Tragedies, Film Locations, and even the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893. Click on a marker to identify the historical event, with a link to access more information.

Within a few minutes of perusing I learned:

  • The Oscar statuette, as well as awards for the Grammys, MTV, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are all manufactured in Jefferson Park.
  • Sam Cooke and Stephen Douglas had nearby Bronzeville residences, just down the street from each other and about a century apart.
  • While many Dark Knight movie locations are listed, it seems the entrance for Batman’s underground lair may be hidden after all.
  • A Hilton Hotel in the Loop was the site of creation for some very special Jimi Hendrix memorabilia.
Each location marker links to a page with background on the noteworthy spot.

Domu’s Chicago History Map is a gold mine for Chicago explorers, amateur historians, or aspiring Trivial Pursuit champs. Find some noteworthy spots in your neighborhood, or give yourself an excuse to venture across town and check out an interesting place in Chicago’s history.

Please comment with your favorite facts or must-see destinations!

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