Robyn – 02/14/11

Behold the Robyn and Diamond Rings photos from their show at the Riviera Theater last Monday.  After eager months of rigorous dance routine rehearsal, carefully conceived outfits, and one out-of-state flight, a friend and I were ready for Robyn.  The Swedish songstress, however, was not.  Having contracted Something-or-Other and canceling shows all week, Robyn proved that even Fembots break down.

We took our talents to Berlin all weekend, but my guest had to head home and I was left without a date to the rescheduled show on Valentine’s Day.  I tried picking up some guys at the club, even had a few promising leads, but alas I was destined to dance on my own once again.

Going solo to shows, exhibits, and events is something I do all the time.  Of course one loves to enjoy experiences with friends, but it’s an empowering feeling to embrace your interests independently.  If you have not tried this, I absolutely encourage it the next time you are lacking a plus-one.

So I kept my sassy outfit, sold the extra ticket on the street, and gave my heart to Robyn, her opener Diamond Rings, and the dance floor.  I’ve been to many shows at the Riv, but the crowd showed Robyn love like I have not seen before and she killed it, as expected.  I wish I could look as cool as her for just five minutes.  Robyn even ended with an acoustic rendition of her 1998 hit, a rarity at her shows.

I also ended up with a new V-day crush in Diamond Rings.  I reviewed his set on a music blog called Indieball, and here is an excerpt:

Diamond Rings was my Valentine this year.  Well, I shared him with 2,500 others when he opened for Robyn last Monday, but he definitely stole my heart.  Rocking a New Wave feel with a definite Bowie glam factor, his synth-driven pop was the perfect dance party warm-up.
Read the rest here!

So whether or not you had a Someone-or-Other this year, shouts out to living, and loving, and dancing on your own!

Would Robyn be proud of my outfit?

1. Multicolor Clutch – Aldo, 40;  2. Thrifted Vintage Sequin Sweater – Buffalo Exchange, $15;  3. Gold Leaf Earrings – Forever 21;  4. Homemade Denim Cutoffs – The Brown Elephant, $8;  5. Magenta Tights – Hue, $12;  5. Vintage Ankle Boots – Store B, $80;   6.  MAC Lipstick in Snob, $14.50.

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