My Four Favorite Things: Spoiler Alert at Second City

Allow me to offer an exploring snapshot of my four favorite things about
The Second City’s mainstage show “Spoiler Alert: Everybody Dies.”

Spoiler Alerted, Boredom Averted

The characters and audience face the same limited life span so the cast wastes no time in reliving the spectacle of ourselves.  Office politics, reality TV watching, uncomfortable cocktail conversation, and sports spectatorship are all viewed differently when we expect death is knocking.

The Cast

With each new sketch, I have a harder time choosing a favorite cast member, almost like when I watch Arrested Development.  Don’t get too excited this is no AD, but a balance of overt physical comedy, with some smart subtlety, and a little booze ensures this cast of definite characters entertains.

Post-Show Improv

From Sam Richardson’s sassy stylist shtick to an improv interpretation of the Chicago mayoral candidates, the audience-prompted portion produced some of the evening’s most tear-inducing laughs.

Sunday Night LOLs

Maybe more entertaining than church, this show keeps you laughing through the onset of any case of the Mondays, whether or not induced by vodka pitchers available (pitchers!).  New rule = I’m only attending Second City on Sundays.

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