The Snowpocalypse is Coming

It is supposed to snow a lot soon, although whether the more ambitious adventure is braving the blizzard or braving the survivalist supermarkets is yet to be seen.  Hailing from America’s Worst Weather City [although I’d concede to Buffalo], I laugh in the face of snowstorm panic…until it echoes back at me off the walls of my empty pantry.

Time Out Chicago has provided a preliminary list of cancellations and closings, and it is a good idea to call ahead anywhere you plan on exploring in the next few days.  Do share your Snowmageddon stories and photos at !

Where in Chicago you would most like to be stranded for two days?  Please comment below and bundle up!

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  1. i’ve always thought the best place to hang in any kind of weather/apocalypic/zombie-related emergency would be costco. trampolines, luxurious leather furniture, finger foods, books, and handles of booze…sounds like vacation actually.

  2. A tourist free Kingston Mines.

    Nasty blues and heavy appetizers. Throw in some Larry McCray and I’ll be up in there for a week.

  3. Although this is an uber-girlie response, I am going with it….
    After much pondering, I decided I would love to be stuck in a spa with a fully stocked (ahemmm-bar) cafe attached. I can’t think of much better than massages, mani and mimosas all day w/ my girlfriends while the world is coming to an end outside.

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