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  1. I love the Met. It’s so fun to spend time in there. Plus the village or upper west for brunch. I forgot the places that I went, but they were delicious. Additionally, you never want for wine bars in NYC <–My favorite.

    Wow…now i'm thinking I should go for a visit.

  2. Go see the Colbert Report. Its free and you only have to wait in line for for a couple hours, tops.
    513 W 54th St
    New York, NY 10019

  3. 1. the canal room is a bar on w. broadway & canal, and on saturday nights they have the most incredible 80s cover band imaginable. i’m not even a huge 80s music fan, but this band is so. good. i’ve been twice. the place gets packed (i think you can buy tickets in advance, which you might want to do, because i’ve had to wait in line in the rain before). it becomes a giant, extremely sweaty, extremely fun dance party.
    here’s the link:

    2. this is something i haven’t actually done, but my friends say it’s fun: sat or sun brunch at the sunburnt cow in the east village. the big draw is the unlimited drinks—you can get brunch plus all you can drink mimosas/bloody marys for something really cheap (i think $18!).

    . . . i’m now sort of embarrassed by my extremely low-brow suggestions for activities in one of the world’s greatest cultural meccas. i will let you know if i think of anything better. 🙂

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