Chicago Humanities Festival

Greetings fellow explorers! Anyone in need of autumn entertainment should be advised that the Chicago Humanities Festival kicks off this Sunday in Hyde Park!  Running through November 14, the festival assembles scholars, artists, performers, and policy makers in a multitude of areas to explore the humanities.  A variety of discussion, lecture, and performance mediums are presented centering on a universal topic – this year it is The Body.

The festival was founded in 1989 as a one-day event and now spans several weeks.  I attended a few performances last year and was absolutely delighted.  Maybe it’s the humanities-nerd in me, but this year’s selection of events throughout the city is enthralling.  I encourage you to attend a few, and respond with your impressions

A few of my top 2010 CHF events:
Corpus: The Surprising Kinship between Books and Bodies
Best European Fiction 2010
Jennifer Finney Boylan: A Life in Two Genders

Ania Loomba: Shakespeare and the Black Body
Why We Run: Daniel Lieberman and John Polk


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